What you should know before lap band surgery in Huntsville, AL

What You Should Know Before Lap Band Surgery in Huntsville, AL

Did you know about 50% of the US population is obese? It is thus possible that over 40% of the population in Huntsville, AL is also obese and that is why there is a considerable uptake and acceptance of bariatric surgery options such as lap band surgery.

Understanding what lap band surgery, how you need to prepare before undergoing the surgery, the requirements and what you should expect following the surgery are all important.

For a comprehensive explanation of the above facts, please read on.

What is Lapband Surgery?

Lap band surgery is a procedure where the size of your stomach is reduced by wrapping the band around your stomach. In and itself, does not lead to weight loss but helps you lose weight byreducing the amount of food you eat.

Reduced food intake means that sometimes you will not supply the minimum calories requirements for your body. As such, the body will have to break down the stored fats to provide the required energy. That way, you will gradually lose weight.

How can you get the Best from Lapband Surgery?

Given that it is evidence that bariatric surgery without lifestyle changes may not bring the desired outcome, we have a few tips to help you lose as much weight as you should.

1. Preoperative Lifestyle Changes

You should allow yourself a few weeks to prepare psychologically before undergoing the weight loss surgery. That means, working out, eating healthy foods and lifting weights. Your body will start adjusting gradually such that when you undergo the surgery, the transition won’t be much and you are likely to transition faster.

2. Postoperative Lifestyle Patterns

After the operation, one of the changes you will experience is reduced stomach capacity. However, that is not a license to eat whatever you want. Some patients in Huntsville, AL make this mistake and forfeit their weight loss goals.

As such, you should continue eating wholemeal foods, reducing your daily carbs and avoiding processed foods. This, coupled with an active lifestyle will allow you to lose weight progressively. You will enjoy the results.

Eligibility Criteria for Lapband Surgery in Huntsville, AL

Not every obese person qualifies for Lapband surgery. You will go through several medical examinations to make sure you qualify.

First, you should be over 18 years of age. Other requirements may be based on your condition, for example, a BMI of 35. And as seen earlier, you must be willing to undergo a paradigm shift in terms of your lifestyle.

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