Four Important Facts you need to Know about Gastric Sleeve in Huntsville, Al

Four Important Facts you need to Know about Gastric Sleeve in Huntsville, Al


The term gastric sleeve may be a familiar but what does it involve, how is it done? To whom can it be done, when should it be done and what should you expect before and after surgery?

This piece will provide elaborate explanations to these questions.

  1. How it is done?

Bariatric physicians view this as a surgical procedure aimed at losing weight. It involves the removing a considerable part of the stomach, particularly where the hunger-producing hormone is.

With the stomach part removed, you will feel less hungry, experience reduced appetite and thus eat a little amount of food.

This change to the stomach will also slow down digestion meaning that you remain full after eating a small portion. The advantage is you will not indulge in too much eating that contributes to weight gain.

  1. Eligibility Criteria

You cannot just wake up one morning and decide that since you want to lose weight fast, you will go for this weight loss surgery. If you pass this eligibility criterion, then you should go ahead.

  • The law through the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) allows this procedure to people who have tried non-surgical procedures like workouts and diet for five consecutive years but it proved unsuccessful.
  • Another eligibility criteria for stomach sleeve for residents of Huntsville, Al is a high BMI. You cannot undergo the surgery if your BMI is below 35. These group of individuals are mostly morbidly obese and requiring a proper weight management for quality life.
  • Finally, you should consider gastric sleeve in Huntsville if you are ready to make significant life changes and live with the possible risks following the surgery. For example, you will need to manage your cravings, eat less, be ready to work out for your health.
  1. Expected Benefits of Gastric Sleeve in Huntsville, Al

Since the stomach capacity will reduce significantly following a successful surgery, eating less food will mean the body is not getting enough calories to run the day. As such, the energy source for the body will be stored fats that are broken down. This process will result in considerable weight loss.

By the second year following the surgery, you will have lost weight about 50% to 70% of your weight.

  1. Possible adverse outcomes of Gastric Sleeve in Huntsville, Al

The procedure does not present many risks but it is possible to experience some stomach discomfort, bowel obstruction, weakness and food cravings particularly a few days after the surgery. Most of these outcomes disappear after a short while.

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